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Swadeshi Jagaran Manch, Andhra Pradesh unit organized various meetings and seminars from Feb-2012 to May-2012 in villages, town and district head quarters. About 50,000 pamphlets of CHINA  AGGRESION were distributed and number of seminars were conducted. Some seminars were organized on FDI IN RETAIL TRADE, in some places  pamphlets were distributed. Swadeshi karyakarthas meeting were also held in some places.State co convenors sri Sai Prasad, sri Srinath and organizer sri Appala prasad  were attended the programs and local eminent and new guests also were participated.
            After long agitation in weavers community, SJM supported to established a society to employ to some weavers and promote marketing for their products. This project have been running successfully with the cooperation of some sympathizers.This time society has conducted  ANNIVERSARY program on April 7that Dubbaka(Medak Dist).
Second program -In every year SJM Karimnagar unit has been conducting family gettogethers. On March 4th at karimnagar a KUTUMBA SAMMELANAM was conducted. About 600 ladies and gents and their children were participated.Traditional games,poems competitions were conducted.
Third program - A seminar was conducted for RETAIL TRADERS at kamareddy on April 29th. About 200 traders were participated.
And swadeshi pathrika subscription abhiyan also started slowly. Subscription     books were distributed to all convenors and in two months it will complete.
 In Poorvi Andhra, in districts like Khammam, Guntur, Vijayawada, Visakapatnam and Tirupathi swadeshi program were started recently. In Nandyal, Kurnool, Kadapa, Proddutoor and Ananthapur(Rayalaseema region) also since 1 year, Swadeshi programmes are conducting. In Telangana Region new places like Vikarabad(RangareddyDistrict),Shadnagar(Mahaboobnagardist), Kamareddy (NizamabadDist),  Bhuvanagiri(NalgondaDistrict)  Sangareddy(Madak District) are also Swadeshi activities are started since 1 year.


Feb-12, Nandyal, Kurnool Dist:
A meeting was held at Nandyal Kurnool Dist. 20 members were attended. Discussion was held on “China Aggression” topic. District convener  Sri. Dastagiri presided the meeting.
Feb-13, Prodduturu, Kadapa Dist:

Teachers’ meeting was held on Swadeshi Education and Foreign universities. About 200 teachers were attended. Teacher Sri. Ellareddy presided the function. Teachers’ union leaders addressed the meeting, pamphlets (china aggression) were distributed.

Feb-14, Mulugu, Warangal Dist:
Swadeshi  workers meeting was held on Feb 14th at Mulugu (Manukota zone).

Feb-15, Khammam (Dist)
A seminar was held  on FDI in Retail Trade at khammam District, Sri Venkateshwar rao, district  convenor ,presided the function. About 200 members were participated. At Khammam, in 2 Eng Colleges pamphlets were distributed.
Mulugu, Feb- 22:
A meeting was held at Mulugu temple. Teachers’ were attended. “China Aggression” topic was discussed there.

Karimnagar, Feb-21:
Regular meeting was held. Future programs were discussed. Vibhag Convener and other Karyakarthas were  attended.
Feb-22, Warangal:
Students meeting was held. Vibhag Convener attended.
Feb 23, Kamareddy:
Swadeshi Karyakarthas meeting was held. District Convenor Sri Shivakumar attended the meeting .Future planning and programs were discussed.
Feb 25, Manchiryala(Adilabad dist)
A seminar was organized by Swadeshi Jagaran Manch, Manchiryala(Adilabad Dist ) about 100 teachers’ were attended . Dr. Bhadrinarayana presided the meeting. Topic was ‘FDI in Retail Trade’
Feb 27:
A students’ meeting was held at Hyderabad. Pamphlets were distributed in Nizam College and OU
Feb 29, Kurnool Dist:
A students’ meeting was held at Kurnool and pamphlets were distributed
March 4, Karimnagar Dist:
A Kutumbha Sammelanam was organized at Karimnagar about 168 families and 100 girls were participed.  Vibhag convener, dist convener and co-convener , CA. Harish babu ,T. Ramesh reddy were participated. Spiritual speaker Sri garikapati Narsimharao was chief guest.
March 12, Kappaladoddi, Vijayawada (Krishna Dist):

After survey SJM recognised 400 poor weavers’ families and represented to collecter to take action immediately. Collector issued a notice to Handloom AD that SJM did a survey and recognized poor families there, So AD should conduct a survey and submit a report  to him.
Swadeshi Jagaran Manch collected funds from doners (Kukatpalluy BHEL sympathizers)                             and distributed a 20 kg rice and Dal to 150 poor weavers’ families. Dist convener Narshimha Raju attended the program. Local leaders Loknath Rrao, Kotaiach and Venkateshwar were participated.
March 13, Sangareddy, Medak dist:
A seminar was held at Sanga Reddy on FDI in Retail Trade in Sahithi college. College correspondent and principal were attended. Dist convener, advocate Samarasimha Reddy organized this function.About 80 members were participated.
March 16, Karimnagar:
 A talk on china Aggression was held at  engineer college,karimnagar. Dr.Rajabhasker was attended and pamphlets were distributed.
March 19, Narsampet:
A seminar was held on china aggression. 50 members mainly teachers’ were attended
March 25, Kamareddy, Nizamabad dist.
A seminar was held at Kamareddy about 200 member (teachers, lecturers , traders) were participated. Degree college economics lecturer sri Anjagoud and  SriDr.sammireddy, traders’ association leader sri  Bhaskar attended. Dist convener sri Shiva kumar and others organized this seminar.
March 26: Nizamabad
A meeting was held at Nizamabad. 15 members were attended and pamphlets were distributed.
March 30:Karimnagar
 A talk on china aggression and swadeshi movement at VITS Eng College, karimnagar. Pamphlets were distributed.
 April 4: , Hyderabad
A students meet was held at Ramanthapur,Hyd. Necessity Swadeshi movement and china aggression was spoken.
April 5:Kamareddy
 A meeting was held at Kamareddy, in SPY HIGH SCHOOL.. About 15 traders and Karya Karthas were attended.
April 7:Dubbaka, medak dist.

Students meet at Dubbaka. About 1000 students were attended, pamphlets of china aggression     Correspondents,principals of all educational institutions were participated.Infosis technologies practice Head SriRammurthy address the gathering.

April 7:Dubbaka, medak dist.
Weaver’s Society’s Anniversary  was held on April 7. Five New looms were  established . Infosys technologies company Practice Head Sri Rammurthy inaugurated the new looms and addressed the weavers. eminent persons  and donars sri chinta rajeswar rao, sri mv Krishna reddy were attended. 

April 19:siddipet, medak dist.
A workers  meeting was held  at Siddipet. Future programs were discussed.
April 20:Bangalore.
 Health camp was held at Bangalore. 120 members were attended.
April 23: Vishaka pattanam
Seminar was held at Visakhapatnam on April 23th on “China aggression”. Chief  Guest           Sri. Saroj Mithra addressed the gathering. About 150 members were attended.District convenor sri Rammurthy, sri suryanarayana, sri apparao were attended.

April 26, Kukatpally, hyderabad:
A meeting was organized at Kukatpally in hyd. Stundets and teachers were attended.   Dist Co-Convener Panchashila Swamy attended the meeting china-india relating  and its impact on indias security. Pamphlets were distributed .
April 28, Vanastalipuram, hyderabad:
 A meeting was held at Vanastalipuram. About 30 members were participated. Sri Saiprasad addressed the gathering on china aggression its impact on Indias security.
April 29, Kamareddy:
 A seminar was held at Kamareddy on “FDI in Retail Trade” . State co convenor sri Sai Prasad ji addressed the Traders. Chambers of commers president Sri. Gouri Shankar, Secretary Sri Lingamsetty were addressed. About 200 Traders participated. Dist Convener Shivakumar and others organized.

April 29: Karimangar
 A seminar was organized at Karimnagar. About 100 members were participated. Freedom fighter Boinpally Venkatrao, T. Rameshreddy (Dist co- convener) addressed the gathering.
May 5, Sangareddy:

 A seminar was held at Sangaredy on 5th may at Vijetha Jr College. About 25 members were participated. Topic was china aggression.

May 8, Bhuvanagiri, Nalgonda Dist:
A meeting was held on May 8th in Bhuvanagiri town. Co-convener Sunil organized the function. Topic is china aggression and pamphlets were distributed.

May 9, Julapally, Karimnagar Dist:
A meeting was organized at Julapaluyy village. Topic was “China Aggression” and pamphlets were distributed. 25 members were participated.
A meeting was held in Rangadhampaly village (Medak Dist). About 100 members were attended. Topic was ‘CHINA AGGRESSION’. Sri vennela mallareddy vibhag convenor, town convenor sri N.Anjireddy, parsuram, MBA and teacher sri venkatram reddy were attended.
May 15:Ramayam pet, Medak dist.
A meeting was held on Swadeshi movement on May 14th at Ramayampet (Medak dist) and pamphlets were distributed.
May 16:veligerla , Mahaboobnagar dist.
A meeting was held at Veligerla village (Shadnagar). About 500 members were participated and pamphlets were distributed.

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